Dan Zaitsev

Startup Advisor. Product Manager and Growth Hacker

Growth Hacking 📈

Over the last years I’ve spent a lot of time with the intention to find the right methods to promote and scale startups, mobile apps and websites. Currently I have a wide knowledge and I can work with you and help you with promotion and marketing of your products, side projects or startups. Explore below the main techniques I’m using now:


Overall marketing strategy

If you still haven’t started to build your product, contact me ASAP and I will provide some useful information that will help you to avoid facing problems in the future. In case you already have a product but you are seeking advice or help to improve your marketing strategy, here is what I can do:

▶️ Consult you or create a turn-key marketing plan and strategy for the next 3-6-12 months
▶️ Share professional vision and prepare your product for the proper marketing phases and launches
▶️ Review your existing product to provide you with the right technology and development stack which you should use to enhance and upscale your product
▶️ Share the information and proper integration steps of analytic and report tools
▶️ Involve my small rockstar team of growth hackers and professional marketers into boosting your marketing strategy (read more bellow…)
▶️ Share a working algorithm or release a complete plan to send your product to the top of search results
▶️ Research your competitors and create a SWOT-analysis
▶️ Provide you with a clear vision about latest marketing trends, such as: growth hacking, lean marketing and bootstrapping
▶️ Work with you and your existing team to improve your marketing vision and goals
▶️ Monitor, analyze and improve your marketing campaigns and strategy


Growth Hacking

There a lot of different opinions and articles on the web about what growth hacking is and how to use it. First of all, you should understand that growth hacking isn’t free and requires some budget. I’m using growth hacking to identify the best traffic sources, attract new potential users (customers) with limited marketing expenses, engage and convert them into payment leads, so that later I could keep a perfect retention rate.

There a lot of other marketing funnels and anchors of growth hacking model, depending on which goals you would like to achieve. For example: registrations, receiving feedback, uploading the content, etc.

In addition, growth hacking purely depends on the features that currently exist in your product (startup). Contact me and I can personally research your existing product and features. Based on the results, I can define which models will work best for you and provide practical advice or a complete strategy (if required). Aside from that, I can work with you and coordinate your team directly to implement growth hacking strategy in a proper way.


Dedicated marketing team

I’m running a small rockstar team of growth hackers, marketers and content creators. We are ready to join your startup or product company and help you to:

  1. Build an audience and grow the community
  2. Prepare all the necessary content to cover different traffic sources
  3. Create unique high-quality social media content and run your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  4. Write unique content and text blogs for you
  5. Work with journalists and make PR of your product
  6. Share with you results, reports and recommendations

In general our team can help you to accelerate your marketing strategy and minimize costs of hiring new people.


My achievements and goals

Here’s the short list of my achievements and goals that I’ve previously reached:

  • Raised more than 4K of registrations on pre-launch phase in a short-term
  • Promoted the website to the 1st rank in search of Google, Bing and Yahoo search with minimum marketing expenses
  • Raised the annual revenue of mobile app from $120K to $1.8M after updating and improving payment methods and anchors
  • Increased monthly unique website visitors from 650 to 5K, meaning up to 850%
  • Boosted organic downloads by 750% through ASO and SEO optimization
  • Provided the right marketing plan and reduced traffic costs up to X3 times

You can also explore other sections on my website to find more related fields where I can help you. Send me request right away to start our cooperation.