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Do we need even more low quality side projects?

November 20, 2018 Posted by blog 0 thoughts on “Do we need even more low quality side projects?”

Hello everyone who is reading me 👋

You know, lately I have been noticing different makers trying to launch tons of products with 1-2 features only. Yeah, sure I know everything about MVP, PoC, etc. But c’mon guys, are these real tech products that are capable of solving users’ problems?

Having said that, I do understand that launching side projects can serve as a way to earn quick money in a short term perspective. But in any case, you have to make sure that people can actually use those projects / products. Unfortunately, my observations prove that product usability (when it comes to side projects) is neglected more often than not: in 90% of cases all side projects have terrible UX and UI. Plus + tons of bugs and issues.

Also, I am very disappointed with what’s happening on ProductHunt. The frustrating thing is that some side projects that were made on the leg within 1-2 nights are getting hundreds of upvotes while other unique products which were made from scratch by using proper tech stack are located somewhere at the bottom of the list.

Please, stop creating low quality products with horrible UX/UI that contain only 1-2 features. If you remember a book “Zero to one”, also try building something unique and useful.

My personal conclusion… If you are a tech guy who feels like building up a new side project / startup, try to create a product that people would love to use and willingly share with friends. Even if this means rolling up your sleeves and taking a long term approach. In such way, both makers and users will end up benefiting tremendously.

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