Dan Zaitsev Building Augmented and Mixed Reality startups and products

How I’m building Augmented and Mixed Reality startups and products

February 21, 2019 Posted by blog 0 thoughts on “How I’m building Augmented and Mixed Reality startups and products”

Starting from 2018 Augmented and Mixed Reality markets have been growing very fast. Many of new AR / MR companies and products are becoming very popular, such as: Magic LeapPokemon GO, LEGO® AR Playgrounds, INKHUNTER, etc.

I’ve decided to share my background and where and how I can help you in Augmented and Mixed Reality verticals. So, I jumped into AR market at the end of 2013 when I was developing apps for Google Glasses.

A little bit later, I was invited to join Looksery startup as a Product Marketing Manager. Looksery allowed to use different facial lenses and masks through AR experience. From my side I did my best to make sure this startup grew as much as possible. I had done a tremendous amount of work in terms of ASO, SEO and promotion of the app which resulted in its raising to the top position of the AppStore and Google Play. You may have heard that at the end Looksery was acquired by Snap inc. for more than $150M.

After Looksery / Snapchat I went on to work on new Augmented Reality startup called ROAR. This is a self-service Augmented Reality Platform that allows to build own AR experiences without any coding skill. I’ve prototyped, built and scaled this startup from basic idea and PoC to a highly profitable company. Right now you can find ROAR at the top positions of Google Search with thousands of users loving it and lots of information in media outlets.

In 2019, I started to work on my own side-project / startup Catchar — the world’s largest Augmented and Mixed Reality community. Users of Catchar are able to share, promote and discover the best AR lenses, apps and campaigns.

Below, you can find the list of services that I provide related to Augmented and Mixed Reality verticals:

  • Consulting of Augmented Reality startups and companies
  • Management and creation of AR mobile apps and websites (based on HoloLensMagic LeapVuforia, ARKit, ARCore, WebAR)
  • Organizing and management of dev teams (developers, UX/UI designers, 3D artists, etc.)
  • Consulting regarding development of your own AR technology (facial, surface, object and image recognition, SLAM, etc.)
  • Consulting regarding creating Augmented Reality experiences, AR content, campaigns and lenses
  • Planning of steps and strategy for AR products and projects
  • Prototyping and realization of UX, wireframes
  • Recommendations regarding UI design for AR apps and websites
  • Creation and realization of marketing and growth strategy (Promotion, SMM, SEO, ASO, Announcements, PR, etc.)
  • Monetization of Augmented and Mixed Reality products and projects
  • Investment strategy for AR products and projects


So, feel free to reach out to me if you need to build your next Augmented or Mixed Reality
startup or improve the one you already have. I will definitely do my best to help you create the best product on the market. Looking forward to working with you.



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