Dan Zaitsev

Startup Advisor. Product Manager and Growth Hacker

Building Startups 🛠

You can reach out to me if you need a proper vision, plan or direct management of your existing startup. Similarly, contact me if you want to build a new startup and are willing to invest. Here’s an outline of the areas of my expertise and what I can help you with:


Steps and strategy

I’m ready to consult and provide you with the right plan on how to start building your new startup or point out the next steps required to take to largely improve and upscale your existing startup. My recommendations will help you to:

  • Minimize the risks
  • Reduce budget and save your money
  • Achieve the goals and milestones


Building a new startup

This is what I am truly great at, the thing that I know inside out — building new startups from scratch. If you have the resources and now you are looking for ideas and opportunities to invest into or create and establish IT business, company or startup, you have found the right person. I have lots of exceptional and unique ideas for new IT products and startups. Besides, I can help you to release your own ides. In this case I can do the next:

  • Design and create core vision, presentation and business plan
  • Find and organize the right team and establish workflows
  • Build MVP and raise it to a scalable product
  • Create and drive marketing and monetization strategy
  • Work on investment strategy and raise additional funds


Working on your existing startup

If you find yourself feeling a little bit stuck and you could use the right advice, a well thought-through plan or you want me to join your team, I will definitely help here to. On top of that, I will do my best to make our collaboration easy-going. Here’s a brief outline of what I can do to help you:

  • Review your product and provide overall feedback
  • Define and create strong use cases
  • Work on your monetization strategy and ROI
  • Deliver the right vision, goals and roadmap
  • Improve workflows and team structure
  • Closely work with your teammates and founding team
  • Prepare your team and product for raising investments


You can also look through other sections on my website to find out if there is more I can help you with and get full information about my technical skills and knowledge.


The company registration process

Once you have started your own startup or business, I totally recommend you to consider legal registration of your company A$AP. I’m ready to share some of my personal experience and knowledge on where and how to register your future company better. I can provide helpful advice regarding the most suitable type of organization you should select and how much it will cost you.

The startups that I’ve built and consulted

Dan Zaitsev - ROAR Augmented Reality
Dan Zaitsev - The Economist - GMAT
Dan Zaitsev - Readdle
Dan Zaitsev - Snapchat - Looksery - AR

You can also explore other sections on my website to find more related fields where I can help you. Or send me request to start our cooperation.


Startups that I'm building now: